current Project Activities

Register, license health practitioners and provide guidance and direction while monitoring their professional conduct and continues educational development.

Register and license all health care facilities (both Public and Private) and evaluate them periodically to assure the fulfillment of health regulatory standards.

Accredit and provide a national recognition for approved health training programs for health training institutions.

Investigate complaints, malpractice and misconducts of health professionals and health care facilities and take disciplinary actions.

NHPC Activities

Provide the names of registered and licensed health professions and health care facilities to the public.

The official lunching of the commissions core functions was the 5th of June, 2013. The first main objective of this even was to introduce NHPC and its mandate to health professionals, health professional associations, line ministries and the general public. The second main objective was to disseminate information regarding Act 19/2001 and its enforcement, as well as NHPC strategic plan.

Consultative workshops with the health professionals associations and stakeholders were conducted, aimed at presenting and introducing the registration standards and regulation tools to the health professionals associations before it is fully endorsed.

Conduct awareness campaigns for the public and health professions by utilizing audio and print messages.

Organize and carryout an orientation workshops with for medical, nursing, midwifery and allied health students. The main goal of this activity was to create health regulatory ambassadors among students in order to enhance awareness for the Act and NHPC.

Pr-assess health care facilities and health training institutions in all six regions of the country.

Start the per-registration of all health professionals in the country by visiting each region. The goal of this activity was also to sensitize health professionals about NHPC, its mandate and the health regulatory Act.

To expand and develop more user friendly NHPC official website. In addition to setup, design and develop web based database and upload all the registered health professionals, health care facilities and health training institutions.

Key Achievements

the regulatory act No. 19/2001 had been amended and was signed by the Somaliland president in January 2013.

June 5th 2013 NHPC was officially launched with more than 118 participants including High governmental officials and public figures including the vice president, his Excellency: Abdirahman Ismail Ali, Deputy speaker of the Somaliland parliament Hon Baashe Mohamud Farah, the former minister of Health Dr. Hussein Muhumed, Minister of Religion Affairs Khaliil Abdillahi, Chairman of Higher Education Commission Hussein and Dr. Edna Aden Ismail.

awareness campaigns had been conducted by developing IEC/BCC materials, also video spot messages have been developed and released through the radio and televisions. in addition articles about health regulation have been released through print news.

conducted consultative meetings with the health professional associations and stakeholders in order to discuss and solicit inputs for the developed health regulations tools and registration standards.

regulation tools and registration standards have been developed and shared with the health professional associations and the health regulatory stakeholders. after recommendations the tools have been finalized, printed and disseminated.

NHPC's website has been updated and launched. in addition, the link with the database has been developed and launched.

the bylaws have been drafted and approved by the BoD and are currently in use.

the preregistration of the health professionals have been conducted for the six regions of Somaliland. The objective of this activity was to clearly define and explain to the health care professionals NHPC's mandate, the criteria and guidelines of registration to health care.the below table is a breakdown of registered health professionals

Region Registered No.
Sahil 103
Togdheer 178
Sool 116
Sanaag 195
Awdal 237
Marodi-Jeex 800
overall total 1629

Carried out a pre-assessment for health care facilities (HCF) and health training institutions (HTI). The purpose of the assessment was to establish a baseline for the Somaliland health care facilities and health training institutions. in addition, NHPC disseminated the act (19/2001) among the health training institutions, health care facilities by visiting the institutions; meeting with management; assessing and evaluating the standards of the institutions.the below table is the breakdown of the assessed facilities.

Region HCF HTI
Sahil 4 1
Togdheer 3 2
Sool 1 1
Sanaag 4 1
Awdal 2 1
Marodi-Jeex 5 0
overall total 19 6

NHPC conducted 2013/2014 annual review. The idea of this activity was to identify NHPC's achievements and success strategies as well as examining the challenges faced by the commission within this financial year. from these findings, NHPC is proud to state that it had a project completion rate of 95% in the financial year of 2013-2014 in terms of planned activities. the commission had actually exceeded by 40% of its planned activities as it has undertaken a number of new (un-planned) activities.