Director's Statement

Welcome message from the Executive Director

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the National Health Professions commission as well as my delight to present the progress and achievements of the commission for the years 2011 and 2013. The past 3 years were very active and successful for NHPC. While I want to refer you to our annual progress report for a comprehensive overview of all NHPCs achievements and challenges, I would like to point out a few key achievements of the NHPC.

Since the re-establishment of NHPC in April 2011 as health regulatory body, the National Health Professions Commission has made a number of achievements including but not limited to: Establishment of a fully flagged organization that has its own Board of Directors, subcommittee members from professional bodies, Executive Director and a competent and qualified staff, established well equipped office, Developed a website and logo, developed a four year strategic plan and a detailed 18 months operational work plan The legal Act 19/2011 has been reviewed and it has been approved by parliament and signed into law in 2013 by H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud the president of the Republic of Somaliland, developed a partnership agreement with Tropical Health Education Trust (THET), developed Memorandum of Understanding with Population Health Services(PSI), Health Poverty Action (HPA) and the Ministry of Health Somaliland regarding the implementation of the Essential Primary Health Services (EPHS), developed operational manual including staff policies, financial and procurement policy, conducted a number of stakeholder workshops in raising awareness and educating health care professionals and institutions about the importance of regulation in Somaliland.

One of the most important achievements was to declare a vision for the health care system in Somaliland. The advantage of declaring National Health professions commission (NHPC) vision and mission for Somalilands health care system is that it focuses our efforts at every level as we carry out our mandate. At the same time healthcare stakeholders like health associations, health care providers, healthcare training institutions, the Ministry of Health etc. would have the responsibility of holding one another accountable for achieving this vision. The community would have a direct role as well, by being more engaged in how health services are delivered to them.

These successes were not possible without challenges, and NHPC faced its share of challenges. There was an absence of effective regulatory framework of the health care system in Somaliland, lack of awareness regarding regulation within the health care professionals as well as the community at large and inadequate staffing due to limited funding.

There is a way forward for National Health professions commission -NHPC and our health care system in general. It will require clear and specific direction from our leaders, the Somaliland government, and a commitment to change from health care providers and a high degree of determination of all stakeholders to achieve results.

I am grateful to our partners and donors. The success of NHPC would not have been possible without the dedication of the members of the Board of Directors the Sub-committees and the dedicated staff.

Feel free to contact our dedicated staff for any clarifications

Thank you.
Executive Director