Health Professions Associations

Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association (SLNMA)

The Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association (SLNMA), is a member led professional association established in November 16, 2004.The mandate of the Association is to act as both the professional organization and a representative for the nurses and midwives by protecting, developing and building their capacity in order for them to deliver quality healthcare services.

Somaliland Medical Association (SMA)

Somaliland Medical Association is non-political, and not-profit making organization, formed by the provisional medical doctors in Somaliland. SMA stands for the representation, protection, and upgrading of its members in one hand, and improving the quality of health care delivery on the other hand. We believe that medical science is a noble profession and shall actively participate in all ways and within its jurisdiction to contribute positively in enhancing the quality of Health Services.

Somaliland Medical Association will Endeavour to create a professional environment in which Medical practitioners are expected to exploit their potentiality in providing health care. Moreover, we stand to reject and protest any un-ethical medical practice conducted by the either its members or non-members medical professional in order to safe guard the rights of individual.

Somaliland Laboratory Association (SOMLA)

SOMLA is medical professional laboratory association founded by a group of intellectual and competent professionals in 2006.these groups want to improve laboratory services of Somaliland through training and education to maintain the health systems.

4. Pharmaceutical Association of Somaliland (PAS)         

Pharmaceutical Association of Somaliland was established on 1st of November-2001, it was the first health professional association established in Somaliland. It is the only Health Professional Association mentioned in the National Drug policy.2001 we participated in the formulation of the National Drug Policy.2002 conducted several trainings sponsored by WHO for medicines vendors in all the Regions and the Public sector pharmacy and Medical Stores.