Line Ministries


Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health (MoH) is the line ministry of NHPC and works directly and fully supports the commission.
As of January, 2013 NHPC became a fully functioning governmental agency and has
the Health Regulatory Act (19/2001) to enforce its mandate. Therefore, with the extended
agreed time with ministry of health, the Ministry of Health will be transferring all registrations,
licensure and accreditation of Health Care Professionals, Health Care Facilities and Health
Care Training Institutions to NHPC by November, 2013. 

Ministry of Interior: Law Enforcement

Their role will be to enforce final decisions of the commission, such as closing a health care
facility and health training institution if and when a final decision is made by the Accreditation
Committee of NHPC to close down a facility.

Department of Immigration will also directly work with NHPC by requiring all foreign medical
professionals to have authorization from NHPC if they intend to practice as a health professional in Somaliland.

Ministry of Education: Higher Education

The Ministry will require all Health Training Institutions (HTI) to be licensed and accredited by
NHPC before registering them as a HTI.  .

Ministry of Justice: Judiciary

Once an institute, organization or an individual is found in breach of NHPC’s requirements and
the act, and goes through the law enforcement, the judiciary system will step in and hand down
its ruling based on the health regulation Act 19/2001. 

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoSLA).

The role of this ministry is to provide permit for international persons seeking work in
Somaliland including Health Professionals. As per our MoU, the Ministry will require from all
foreign health professionals to register and be licensed by NHPC, before issuing them a working