Our Staff

Our headquarter office is located in Gobolka Ex-ministry of interior (between ministry of education and ministry of finance) Hargeisa, Somaliland. The Office is open Saturday to Thursday, from 7:30am to 2:00pm.
Office Tell: 252-2-520038
Email: info@nhpcsomaliland.org.
Website: www.nhpcsomaliland.org.

Registration Contacts:
For Health Care Facilities, Health Training Institutions and Medical Doctors Registrations, Licensure and Accreditation,
Please Contact Senior Regulation Officer Dr. Ali Abdillahi at ali@nhpcsomaliland.org

for Health professionals Registration, Licensure and retention
Please contact the Regulation officer Mr. Redwan Ali Ibrahim at redwaan@nhpcsomaliland.org.

for Health Training Facilities Registration and Accreditation
Please contact the Regulation officer Mr. Ahmed Mohamoud Adan at ahmed@nhpcsomaliland.org.

for Health Care Facilities Registration and Licensure
Please contact the Regulation officer Mr. Ismail Farhan Farah at ismail@nhpcsomaliland.org.