SNO Name Institution Image
1 Dr Lula Jirdeh Hussein Chair
2 Abdirahman Mohamed Ahmed-doodi Vice-Chair
3 Hamda Abdi Farah National Commission for Higher Education
4 Barkhad Omer Ali Attorney General Office
5 Mohamed Abdi Muhumed Somaliland Laboratory Association
6 Filsan Hussein Yusuf Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association
7 Mumtaz Dahir Farah Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Schools
8 Dr. Siciid Bulxan Cigaal Chamber of Commerce
9 Faysal Mohamoud Saed Quality Control Commission
10 Ayanle Suleiman Ahmed Somaliland Medical Schools Association
11 Mohamed Abdi Haybe Somaliland Pharmacy Association- SOPHA
12 Sayid Abdilahi Tani Somaliland Medical Association-SMA
13 Dr. Mustafe Mohamed Ahmed Ministry of Health Development